Bless You! (for visiting Stephano)

The boy ain't right.

1st a quickie resume:

I have been a professional headlining Standup Comedian for 15 years!  Working just about every comedy club in the business.  Including well over 200 colleges in the past 5 years!

I have toured with, and opened for the best in the business including:

Dave Chappelle, Robert Shimmel, Dave Attell, Lewis Black, Bob Sagat, Bobcat Goldthwait, ZZ top, Frank Caliendo & Dane Cook

to name a few...  

Also, I have performed for our TROOPS all over the world & I had my own show in fabulous Las Vegas for 2 years!

Here is what a recent member of the press had to say about my show:


STEPHANO delivers the perfect mix of light hearted insanity and POP Culture impressionism… The humor that underlies his HIGHLY ENERGETIC stage performance is DELIGHTFULLY TWISTED and an absolute pleasure to watch.  His “CHILD LIKE” disposition makes his “ADULT” themed subject matter palatable to ALL AUDIENCES.   Combining Songs, impressions, and even origami he has such an EXTREMELY ORIGINAL approach to standup comedy you’ll leave his show with two lingering thoughts:  “That boy just isn’t right” & “When is he coming back?”… -Kathleen Jerge, Buffalo Bee Newspaper

                          The College Game Show Host:

My one-of-a-kind GAME SHOW has been an AWESOME SUCCESS for YEARS at schools all across the country!!!

I CAN'T WAIT to perform it for your students!!!

Here's how it works!

The student plays an improvisational game or answers a diversity-related trivia question, WIN or LOSE the Student gets to spin the MONEY WHEEL which has money denominations from $5 to $50 on it. 

The student can KEEP the CASH (which is handed over immediately) or trade it for one  of the two prize boxes on stage…  

One of the boxes has an AWESOME prize and one has a “ZONK” prize.   


EVERY SHOW gives away up to $400 in

The show is hosted by MOI, STEPHANO, a master improvisational performer and professional standup comedian.

It’s a very FRESH, FUN and CLEAN way to celebrate diversity with students!

It is EXTREMELY FUNNY and loaded with HIGH ENERGY!!

Your students will LOVE this - they get to have a great time AND have an opportunity to win MONEY.



· The Game Show runs (approx) 60-75 MIN until ALL PRIZES are given out

· The Game Show only needs a 14’x14’ area (classrooms, common-areas, or theatre stages work GREAT!)

· Other than a 6-8 foot table, the show needs no special accommodations.
There is very little for the school to do - and I will CATER to the individual needs of your school, both financially and logistically!

  • Prices:
  • (note that using school-provided prizes will lower overall costs)


    GAME SHOW (ALONE):                                           $1300 (w/o lodging)   $1200 (w/lodging)

    STANDUP COMEDY SHOW (ALONE):                              $550 (w/o lodging)  $450 (w/lodging)

    GAME SHOW & Standup COMEDY SHOW COMBO:          $1600 (w/o lodging) $1500 (w/lodging)


    Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.  Thanks again for your time and I look forward to welcoming your school as a client.